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The Frequency of Life

a collection of word art and artwork

The Frequency of Life –a collection of word art and artwork allows you to observe yourself while encountering life. Healing on all levels can be that simple. This book is about using words and art to help you heal and grow your physical, emotional and spiritual body mind.

The author, who is both an artist and healer has put together a compilation of poetry, prose, and artwork to assist the reader in going deeper into themselves. This book will help anyone who feels such, has trouble reflecting, is dealing with emotional trauma, or wishes for enhanced self-care.

The Frequency of Life may allow the reader to:

  • come to a place of calm and release anxiety

  • release feelings of awkwardness and not belonging

  • bring clarity and focus to the body, mind and spirit

  • open their heart to self-love through self-awareness

Vibrate at the frequency of LIFE, and find the essence of YOU

The Frequency of Life is for those who quest to open your heart to self-love through self awareness. Would you like to dig deeper?

Healing Art Cards take healing on the go. Connect to the Frequency of your Soul anywhere, anytime. Listen to what your inner voice is saying through the artwork. 18 Cards that are for the Frequency of Life.

Shuffle and Play

Intuitive art is about listening to your inner voice and expressing the joy of your soul. If you are drawn to the my artwork enjoy the healing frequency, or investigate what the artwork means to you.

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