Practice the Notes of Your Soul

When I was in school I tried out for the school musical "Oklahoma". I got the sheet of music that I was to prepare. I sat at the piano and played the unfamiliar tune. I sat there making mistakes with the timing of the notes, but I kept going. Repeating over and over again. Trying out the new words and slowly I got into a rhythm. It was just me and the piano, side by side. I was in my own world figuring out how to be with this new music and who I was in that song, in that moment. I was so proud of myself the first time I ran through the song with no mistakes. I knew it. I repeated it again and again. Finally it was tryout day. As I took the song to school I was so nervous, but as I sang the song that was now a muscle memory. My voice was not phased even though I was nervous to preform. I knew the notes and they spilled out with ease.

Have you spent time with the notes of your soul? Have you practiced your soul's notes? Do you know their tune? Are you confident in their words?

For practice today read these words both out loud and to yourself. Let the notes fill your soul.

I am the music of my heart. The peace that surrounds me gives me the sound of my soul. Listening to my vibration cracks away the blocks and gives me ease of being me.


Changing your frequency,


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