Whose perspective are you living from? Is it your past self? Your present Self? Your future self? Not even your perspective???

We are amazing beings. We can pick up many things along our journey and think they are ours and that we need to be loyal to them. This is what is holding us back and not allowing us to live our most wonderful life. What if we could live with possibilities rather than perspectives?

Be open to possibilities.... They always create more.


Unleashing the fear

objections of a start

unsure perspective, unchanging perspective


fast tanks guard the gates smelling danger at every turn.

wasted the lost seems, when possible is not unearthed, but strongly urged to move the same way.

Unearthing as it goes. Slower progress forward.

What if all would drop?

The lasting suffering stop in time.

so we could move forward.

More clear, not fighting, blast away with the possible magnitude.

not running, diving upward into space, into more clear head

into being, now.

-Kari Beyer Feb. 22/21

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