Happy Winter Solstice!

Alignment! As we are in the heart of winter in Canada we usually turn to introspection. Our hearts are looked at and given some warmth in the cold. We have to remember that our heart also thrives on play and movement. The connection between introspection and play are needing balancing this week. Enjoy the nurturing heart of the moon tonight. Let it fill you as you soar into this new time of balancing.

Today I started "42 days of Loving You." I have been feeling like I need a boost in my body and this idea of committing to me for 42 days was getting louder.

It is a session intensive to help you clear the blocks that are taking you away from loving yourself right now. Making the commitment to fill your spirit and create connection through daily self-care.

We are working with 6 main concepts; receiving, joyful acceptance, supporting you from within, the present, connecting and self-care. Each week we will work with a concept.

I am releasing a session each day. These sessions can be listened to or watched in the comfort of your own home. I would appreciate feedback so it can run smoothly. Also If you have any questions, don't hesitate to connect with me. "42 days of Loving Me" is free for these first 42 days. If it is not for you and you have someone in your life that is needing a boost, having pain in their life, feeling foggy or lost this may be for them.

Follow the link below.


Happy Winter Solstice!



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