Celebration Week!

This week is all about celebration. Join me as I look at aspects of choice, safe space, time, death and love. There is so much to look at... I am joining my crew on Instagram live or posting each day in Youtube. The words are to give your body a frequency to allow transformation.

This is from day 2, safe space.

We all are programmed to be safe. Our programming is usually if we do this then we will be safe. What if we were safe in us? Our trust in ourselves is what we need to create a safe space. How do we get there? One step at a time. This video starts off in chaos. Putting together our thoughts on our safe space can be chaotic. You've got this! You have made decisions in your life that have kept you safe. You know how I know? You are still here. Trusting yourself to find a safe space in you is all about attitude. You already look for safe spaces in your choices you make everyday. Now encourage yourself. Be kind to you. What kind of voice do you use? Do you smack talk yourself? Or do you have nice things to say? This can contribute to your trust. Giving you space to find your trust rather than giving yourself shit can create a whole different attitude. Say to yourself. You are doing good. You are not defined by your past. You have come so far! I trust you to take the next step. Say whichever sounds true for you. If you think it's bs then don't say it. Next step is to celebrate!! Celebrate that you have found a safe space, whether that be physical or in you. Talk gentle to you! THIS IS YOUR CELEBRATION!


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New Events:

June 16/22 1:30-3:30 Constellation Workshop

This constellation workshop is about creating flow in our inner and outer world. Transforming the ancestral ties that are limiting us and working with the emotions that keep us stuck. https://www.karishealingspace.com/events-2



I am partnering up with Balanced Living Holistic Care to put on this 3 day retreat! More information...https://www.karishealingspace.com/events-2

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