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Celebration & Anger- Consciousness Conversations

What do these have in common? Have you ever had someone in your life and you always showed them anger? Maybe you didn’t come out and punch them but maybe energetically you did. How long were they around you when you consistently showed them anger?

Have you ever been around someone when you consistently were shown anger? How did you feel? How long were you around them?

What about celebration? Have you shown someone celebration energy to people? Have they stuck around? Do you feel good if someone shows you celebration?

Have you shown you anger energetically or as a voice in your head? What about celebration?

So many times we show anger to ourselves. And it is difficult to show celebration energy. We really have to think about it.

This morning I was mindscaping money and what money requires from me today. Money said it needed the music in me. Then it showed me where I was giving it anger. I saw where it needed celebration.

I did the same with my business. My business wanted to fight me. It needs a revamp. When we don’t give the important things the right energy they are not able to work with us.

What are you to do now that you have this information?... Notice!! See what your attitude is and breathe in the uncomfortable feeling if you are able to.

How are you going to work with the people, things, yourself today? I wonder.....

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