Have you been looking for things that are so far away from you? Have you lost sight of who you are now? Do you know who you are now? Right NOW in this exact moment.

Re-hashing the past can extend us away from who we are right now in this moment. We are clouded with thoughts of past and future. Our limiting perspective of now becomes even more limiting when we combine all three together. Now- this can be full of possibilities if we leave the past and future where they are and be the now. Enjoy the little fluffs of imagination, express your now. The now you are. Here is where you are looking for the non-judgement, the peace, the expression of you.

Here is the invitation: Join your now. If it feels right for you join me Tuesday or Thursday this week for two amazing offerings. Tuesday Intuitive art group. This includes gathering to create intuitive art for your soul. Thursday an amazing series of Conscious Expression kicks off with Your Intensity Story. This night includes Meditation, art and healing.

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