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Online Support

Sometimes healing in a group can give us greater healing. The fear that we are alone can be suffocating. Do you want to know your future self? What is the best version of you? This session is for you when you if you are feel attracted to it. You may not be ready for it now, but when you are it is waiting for you to receive and give you the future you desire. This session provides healing with art, frequency healing and BodyTalk. If you have any questions please message me. 

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7 Day Breath Challenge.png

This 7 Day Breath Challenge encourages you to:

  • take a moment each day with yourself

  • connect to this form of healing

  • to notice how Breathing can change your body and mind

  • connect to you.

coming soon
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This facebook group includes encouragement on your journey, thoughts to ponder, and an opportunity to grow. As well as excerpts from "The Frequency of Life" and ways to connect to your frequency.

Online Courses

Calm Your Sh*#t is to get your bodymind out of fight, flight and freeze mode and focus on rest and repair!

7 Day Breathing Challenge is a Free course that gets you out of your head. Calming your bodymind and connecting to your inner world.

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