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For all my life expressing myself through art has been very important to me. At 5 I remember this class art project. I remember colouring this foam cup with crayons. We then took the cups to the oven to heat them up. When they were cooled I held mine in my hand and I thought what a beautiful creation. I marveled over the shape and texture that was created. I was holding something that was a part of me. As I grew up there were more art projects and many crafts. I came from a family of crafters. We created and marveled. I was a part of plays, and musicals. I took interior design . Finding new ways to incorporate art into my life. . Life was good. I had kids, got married and created a home for my new family. I found new art with friends. As life got busier I became less and less committed to art. I found great excuses to ignore my needs and  interested in my kids and other things that needed tending to. I was really good at taking care of everyone except me. At 35 I found myself with a lot of physical health problems. Migraines, anxiety, heart issues, seasonal allergies and a lump on my breast. My body was falling apart.  I met a lady who shared her story with me. She talked about childhood sexual abuse and tramua.  I thought wow that is similar to my story but she is talking about it. She also gave me a book about how your body is a reflection of what is going on in your mind. It was a year before my pain got too much and I could not take it anymore. That day I slammed my middle finger in the door. Under the nail was purple and oh so painful. I looked up what that meant in my book about body and mind connection. I realized that it was about sex and anger. Alarm bells were going off in my head both in pain and realization.   In the middle of the night I knew the pain was too much. I told my husband to drill a hole in my fingernail.  The relief was amazing.  I knew that I had to start working with the pain in my mind too. I called my friend and started talking about my own experiences with traumas, childhood sexual abuse. It all came flowing out. There were a lot of tears. Talking about what was going on in my head, the stuff that I didn't even share with myself. 

One day my friend walked me through an art healing lesson. She said let it out. Stop thinking about it. Let it flow. Stop trying to control everything. Pour the paint ! Put it out there. As I let the paint drip on the canvas my emotions came out. Everything started to flow. I was expressing my heart. At the end I took a deep breath and it was finished. I had just reconnected with my heart again. I knew I could not stop again. Keeping art in my life is so important. 


As I searched more into the body mind connection, I found BodyTalk, Access Consciousness and frequency healing. Expanding my knowledge of healing with the subconscious and creating change has given me a healthy body. I have combined these consciousness modalities with my art and found that as I paint or observe the paintings I create more peace and less pain in my life. Each painting explains a different piece of me; they are powerful expressions of my emotions and a road map to healing. 

Art is now on purpose. I have also expanded my art to include words. These words are not to give you a story. The word art and artwork create a frequency within you to create healing in your bodymind. I published  “The Frequency of Life - A Collection of Word Art and Artwork” in March 2020. I teach art classes on creation and expression of your own roadmaps and do sessions to bring clarity, peace and joy into the lives of people who would like to receive and expand. 



Art, Cards and Book



 Love Letter


I've been seeing  Kari for BodyTalk sessions for quite some time now. I have experienced a lot of success in healing past experience. She is very intuitive, a good listener, honest and kind. I know it's made a significant difference in my life. I always know when I need another session. I feel like I need it, otherwise I don't give it a second thought. BodyTalk really helps you listen to yourself. Kari is very accommodating with appointments. I've had in person and distance sessions. She will also do over the phone and zoom sessions, so there's always a way to help yourself the best way for you.



After body talk with Kari I learned to understand myself and my body better. I felt lighter but also stronger. A body talk session was a really special experience for me, because I know myself better then ever before.


I have a hard time opening up to others about my past, but I know I need to deal with a lot of stuff with past as it affects my relationship with my wife.  After my sessions with Kari there is always an immediate improvement with our relationship that lasts.  This is a less painful way to deal with my past issues than dragging them through painful therapy.  I also have been told that I am not so negative so that’s nice too.