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Kari Beyer

Kari dreams of a day that all people know how much power they all have by just connecting to their inner-child. Giving people the platform to speak their truths and the voice to be heard, especially by themselves, is empowering. The vision is to create a new world that inspires more possibility from how we do daily things to having ease through all our transitions in life. 


 Releasing limiting beliefs  can give us a better understanding of who we are and help us have healthier relationships with others and ourselves. Opening our hearts and listening to our innate knowing is a big part of loving and trusting ourselves.

Kari is an author, artist and healer who is committed to helping others release limiting beliefs and foster healthier relationships. Through her own healing, she found a way to help others through their struggles utilizing the skills she found in writing, painting, BodyTalk and Access Consciousness.  



After body talk with Kari I learned to understand myself and my body better. I felt lighter but also stronger. A body talk session was a really special experience for me, because I know myself better then ever before.


I have a hard time opening up to others about my past, but I know I need to deal with a lot of stuff with past as it affects my relationship with my wife.  After my sessions with Kari there is always an immediate improvement with our relationship that lasts.  This is a less painful way to deal with my past issues than dragging them through painful therapy.  I also have been told that I am not so negative so that’s nice too. 



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Kari Beyer

306-222-7094 ~ karibeyer@sasktel.net

Saskatoon, SK

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