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About Kari Beyer

All we can do is our own work. Are you ready to connect to your inner artist?

Our inner artist or inner child is always wanting to express themselves. This inner artist knows you on the deepest level. They know how to guide you to a higher frequency. This raising of our frequency can create a life with less struggle and pain. 


Kari creates intuitive art and guides others to raise frequencies and bring more possibilities, more space and more connection. 



Art, Cards and Book



 Love Letter


I've been seeing  Kari for BodyTalk sessions for quite some time now. I have experienced a lot of success in healing past experience. She is very intuitive, a good listener, honest and kind. I know it's made a significant difference in my life. I always know when I need another session. I feel like I need it, otherwise I don't give it a second thought. BodyTalk really helps you listen to yourself. Kari is very accommodating with appointments. I've had in person and distance sessions. She will also do over the phone and zoom sessions, so there's always a way to help yourself the best way for you.



After body talk with Kari I learned to understand myself and my body better. I felt lighter but also stronger. A body talk session was a really special experience for me, because I know myself better then ever before.


I have a hard time opening up to others about my past, but I know I need to deal with a lot of stuff with past as it affects my relationship with my wife.  After my sessions with Kari there is always an immediate improvement with our relationship that lasts.  This is a less painful way to deal with my past issues than dragging them through painful therapy.  I also have been told that I am not so negative so that’s nice too.